Photo Gallery for the big KT88 Amp

Project 01: the first. In daily use

Before the addition of the brass nameplate and the cover for the power transformer

Loving the blue fluorescence on the inside of the output valves

KT88s with 560 volts inside looks decorative at night

The glow reflected in the case

The amp produces sound and lots of infra red

These valves run quite hot to the touch, like light bulbs

Night glow

Daylight and you can still see the glow

Easily the most beautiful electronic thing I have ever created

Around 27kg. Not exactly portable

Full frontal

With the brass nameplate fitted



Looking directly into the underside

Preamp and driver section 

Back Panel. 4 inputs. USB power for the chromecast. 4-Ohm and 8-Ohm taps for the speakers. Switched mains output for the phono preamp.

See also the technical description and specifications/measurements for this amplifier

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